aka "ladytechnology"



We all have it, a unique but communal perspective about the world. Mine is one of childlike curiosity. From the moment we are born, everything feels new, and exciting. Fortunately, that has not changed. I love making new discoveries.


I was always called the “creative” in any group. For a long time, I believed this was an insult because I didn’t do well in areas like calculus or science. But my career opened me to so many creative opportunities because of my creativity. I see now, that being the “creative” was a great compliment.

I have collaborated over the past few years with other 3D and AI artists, as well as traditional, and experimental artists. I have created created art installations for galleries and other venues, held dozens of events, taught digital art, and led afterschool programs for youth to bridge the income and digital knowledge gap. My art has been featured in books, magazines, and art shows, including the August 2018 Journal for Contemporary Painting, comparing the medium of virtual painting to that of traditional mediums. My art has also been shown at the Nasty Women UK Art Exhibit in London, the Big City Nights Art and VR show in NYC, the 2019 VR Burn Festival, and the Bern Art and VR Show in Switzerland. My work is featured in the October 2018 Wotisart, Average Art Magazine, and A5 Magazine. I was featured in the Ars Electronica Festival 2020. Since then I have contracted with small business owners, Mental Health of California and Netflix on creation commissions.