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Free Webinar: Exploring Digital Art for Traditional Artists

Unleash your creativity in the digital realm with my no-charge comprehensive four-session webinar course, “Exploring Digital Art for Traditional Artists.” Designed to guide traditional artists on their journey into digital artistry, this course builds on concepts from my widely-acclaimed eBook, “Digital Art for Traditional Artists.” With a hands-on approach, we will demystify the digital canvas and show you how it can complement, and even enhance, your traditional artistic skills. Whether you’re curious about digital painting, 3D modeling, VR, or AR, this course will provide the insights you need to embark on your digital art journey. Join one or all. Just provide your email below for announcements and webinar information.

Session 1: Introduction to Digital Art

Session 2: Digital Painting and Illustration

Session 3: Introduction to 3D Modeling and Sculpting

Session 4: Immersive Art with VR and AR

What to expect from this workshop

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