digital art workshop and ebook


2-Hour Virtual Workshop: Intermediate Digital Artistry: Immersive Experiences and AI Innovation



Included: A Digital Art Evolution: From Canvas to Cyberspace: A Beginner's Guide to Digital Art Creation and Exhibition

Workshop 2: Intermediate Digital Artistry: Immersive Experiences and AI Innovation

Expand Your Digital Art Journey

Welcome back, artists! Ready to deepen your digital art skills? My Intermediate Digital Artistry course is designed to help you explore immersive experiences and AI innovations, further revolutionizing your art.

Unlock the Power of AI in Art

AI is reshaping the artistic landscape, allowing artists to venture into uncharted territories. In this course, I’ll demystify AI in art, showcasing how to use AI tools to create unique and stunning artworks. The integration of AI into your traditional practice can revitalize your work, giving it a modern edge that appeals to a broader, tech-savvy audience.

Create Immersive Experiences

In addition to AI, you’ll learn to develop immersive experiences using VR technology, opening up possibilities for interactive art and exhibitions. You’ll also experiment with crafting soundscapes, adding an auditory dimension to your work. These skills not only diversify your portfolio but also add to the selling points of your work, enhancing its market value.

Extend Your Artistic Frontier

Embrace the future of art, redefine the boundaries of your artistic expression, and shape your legacy in the digital art realm. Get ready to step up your game, reach new audiences, and create unforgettable art experiences. 

What to expect from this workshop

Dive into the future of art with my 2-hour virtual, hands-on workshop. Upon registration, expect to receive confirmation of time along with a Zoom link and a preparation list to get you ready for the 2-hour session on respective Wednesday’s from 3:00 – 5:00 pm PST. This workshop will transform your traditional skills into digital masterpieces. Join me in revolutionizing the artistic story! 

Cost: $45