digital art workshop and ebook


2-Hour Virtual Workshop: Digital Art Beginnings: The Bridge From Canvas to Cyberspace



Included: A Digital Art Evolution: From Canvas to Cyberspace: A Beginner's Guide to Digital Art Creation and Exhibition

Workshop 1: Digital Art Beginnings: The Bridge From Canvas to Cyberspace

Welcome to the realm where traditional artistry meets digital innovation. This course, “Digital Art Beginnings: The Bridge From Canvas to Cyberspace,” will guide you on an exhilarating journey from the canvas to the computer screen. You’ll transition your traditional art skills into the digital domain while learning the ethics and copyright implications in this new frontier. My course will also introduce you to the enthralling realm of AI-generated art, where we will explore Midjourney, DALL-E 2, and StarryAI, providing you with the tools to bring your artwork to life in new and unimaginable ways. Embrace this digital evolution and redefine your artistic journey.

Workshop Agenda:

1. Introduction to Digital Art
2. Essential Tools for Digital Art
3. Techniques to Convert Traditional Art Skills to Digital
4. Beginning AI Art Generation with Midjourney, DALL-E 2, and StarryAI: Plotting and Prompting
5. Ethics and Copyright in Digital Art
6. Q&A and Practice

What to expect from this workshop

Dive into the future of art with our 2-hour hands-on workshop series. Upon registration, expect to receive confirmation of time along with a Zoom link and a preparation list to get you ready for the 2-hour session on respective Sunday’s from 3:00 – 5 pm PST. This workshop will transform your traditional skills into digital masterpieces. Join me in revolutionizing the artistic story! 

Cost: $45