In 2003 human rights activist Dr. Lola Vollen co-founded the Life After Exoneration Program (LAEP) with Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld. This nationwide Program was created to address the on-going injustices facing the exonerated and to provide services and resources to help the survivors of wrongful conviction re-enter society and rebuild their lives. A convicted person upon release is provided social services that do not exist formally for the exonerated. LAEP, a non-profit project, was created to address this lack of services. We helped the Life After Exoneration Program increase awareness and raise funds to support exonerated persons who are rebuilding their lives.


Services provided:

Logo, web site design

E-commerce (to accept donations)

Fundraising event system

Search engine marketing

Ongoing visibility & growth strategy


Coordinated PR, marketing film releases

Multiple site traffic and donation increases

Built the foundation for a growing online community to aid those wrongly accused