Welcome to my Showcase page, your portal into a captivating interplay of art and technology. Here, we proudly exhibit a broad range of projects, encompassing 2D, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) art.


Our curator and creator, Davis, harnesses her unique fusion of technical prowess and artistic acumen to design the works on display here. With a robust background in user behavior analysis, product development, and organizational behavior, Davis applies her strategic insights to create compelling, transformative experiences. Her work, reaching as far as rural clinics via her differential diagnosis system and connecting medical professionals through a social network she developed, has been influential.


Davis is not only a dynamic entrepreneur but also a passionate advocate for her community. She is the founder and CEO of NewPath, a company dedicated to employing cutting-edge virtual technologies in diagnosing and treating psychological and behavioral health conditions. Furthermore, she lends her expertise as a consultant for the global communications agency, Innovatory.


Artistically, Davis strides beyond traditional boundaries. Her collaborations with acclaimed artists, such as Steve DiPaola, have resulted in immersive and innovative works. Her unique style, particularly evident in her Tilt Brush portraits, has made its mark in books and art magazines. Her contributions to the renowned Ars Electronica Festival in 2020 stand as a testament to her artistic talent.


Now, let’s delve into the fascinating world of Davis’ projects:


1. Mental Health of California: Men and Boys of Color Campaign

2. Larkin Street Youth: Virtual Reality Art Therapy for Trauma

3. University of San Francisco: “Tech & Innovation in Medicine” Conference

4. Kaiser Permanente: Oakland Youth Listening Sessions

5. Kaiser Permanente and Mental Health California Mental Event for Foster Care and Juvenile Justice System Youth

6. René Yañez: Virtual Reality Art Therapy and Interactive Life Preservation VR Art Gallery Installation

7. San Francisco’s Tech in the Tenderloin: Virtual Reality After School Program for the Boys and Girls Club

8. Accredited Courses for Mental Health Professionals on How to Use VR with Patients


Each project provides a unique blend of art, technology, and the human experience. Enjoy your exploration!